the church is always open!

We would really like to be able to say that now in Tallahassee, Florida, the church is always open! The church is open for prayer, study, counseling, fellowship, events, cross-denominational cooperation, worship and so much more. We see All Hours Church as every church, every person who is called, because church is people, the body of Christ, yes! And we are united in one Lord, Jesus the Christ. We are not divided by walls or by differences of opinion set rigidly by denominational organizations. We respect differences and see the church as full of color, a myriad of unique perspectives, a bouquet of flowers, each tradition with its own reason for being and with its own beautiful history of the working of our unfathomably loving, merciful, forgiving, all-righteous and powerful God despite our weakness. And we see the need to keep the doors of the church open at all times, both on the Internet and in places of worship, where people can gather for counsel, for fellowship, for prayer, for worship and for study accessing hard to obtain materials without cost. Currently we are praying about locating one or more facilities for this purpose in Tallahassee, Florida. We want to pray with the pastors and elders of each of the 400 local churches here before taking any action so that the Holy Spirit can speak and we can act according to a level of unity worthy of our mutual calling. We also deeply wish to know the mission and vision of each local church so that we may work together with you to achieve it, for the renewal and transformation of Tallahassee in Christ.

All the time!

  • All Night

    The vision is for a facility in Tallahassee that will be open all night long continually where at least one person, very mature in the Lord, is always there to pray with or talk to. Think of it as an extension of your local church that reaches people at all hours.

  • All Day

    There are over 400 churches in the immediate Tallahassee area alone. All are welcome to benefit or contribute in prayer, fellowship and to use or contribute to the library or just enjoy quiet time. We see it as a great place to prepare sermons or write books and meet other church leaders.

Join Us!

Unaffordable resources for researchers offered free

Writing a sermon and want more background detail on a story? The Internet says you can get that info if you'll buy a book. Too bad it's outside your budget. Ouch! You'll have to skip that part. You don't want to preach with uncertainty. But what if that book was available 24/7 in a resource library not far away? That's what 24/7 Scrolls is for. It is a Reference Hall that never closes, so even if you're up at 3-4am caught up in moment of inspiration, we've got you covered. In fact, you'll be surrounded by state of the art Bible Study software you can use for free and have access to whole sets of reference works normally not affordable to most churches.

  • Plug In with Plugs In

    The 24/7 Scrolls Reference Hall library will allow you to get your work done with a "Do Not Disturb" sign, allowing you to enjoy all the sound you want at your private computer station. Share up your favorite Pod Casts or create them in the All Hours Design Studio. Your church's resources are no longer limited. We are called to lift one another up so that no one is in lack. Prepare your word and deliver it with that perfect combination of privacy and help.

  • The Counselor is In

    Need a little help with your counseling and crisis load? What if there was a facility open 24/7 every day of the year that provided not just social services information but a listening compassionate ear that was there to help? When the churches work in unity there are no limits to what help can be provided or how much stronger we can become as the body of Christ.

  • Light that Shines in the Darkness

    The unique combination of secular Reference Hall and Christian fellowship and study we envision in the Lord places the word of God at the disposal of the general public both through testimony and the common ground of a public library. If we lift up the Lord, He will draw all people to Himself. While none of the books can be checked out, the same reference facilities and computers loaded with study software that are available to pastors and anyone who seeks serious research, is available to skeptics and opponents of the Christian faith. They will be drawn there as antagonists. Perhaps not all will be saved, but all will be called and have access. We may not share the same beliefs but we do share the same body of evidence in which the truth is embodied and we can rely on the Spirit of Truth to guide us and set us free, bearing a light to the nations in the city, bearing a testimony empowered by the unity of the one Spirit of God. And we can expect His work to set us free. All are welcome to use this facility. All come freely and drink. All who are weary. All who are peacemakers. All who have faith. All those who doubt. All who stand in need. We ask for you to pray with us for this vision so that the true light of Christ will shine in the darkness and deliver those in need as we are all transformed into His image and likeness through His amazing grace day by day. The All Hours Church will also provide a unified calendar and prayer wall for all of the local churches so that we may lift up one another's burdens and inform one another of events throughout the area. We only ask that you pray with us and for the common needs expressed and that you post your events on our calendar and if you have suggestions as to where to locate this facility or wish to participate in any other capacity, please contact us.

the his-story of this vision


A Taxi Cab Driver's Guide to the Bible

My name is James. As a Yellow Cab driver since 1978, I can't tell you how many people have hopped in and asked me for suggestions on where to go. Suffice it to say it happens a lot. So what are the choices? As a Christian, I wish I could suggest a nice church somewhere but sadly, the churches are almost always closed at night. Even where they are open in the evening with some activity, rarely do I know which ones because there isn't any one place to get that information. Then from 1-5am the bars start to close and the patrons who can't get enough of that lifestyle start to pour out so I wait outside hoping for some sense of responsibility to kick in but it rarely does. People wobble to their cars, staggering right past my cab. "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place they could go to sober up rather than get behind the wheel?!" I asked on an almost nightly basis. But my pain didn't stop there ...