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Who Do You Know?

“Every pastor, youth pastor, and every parent is in competition with the Internet and the information it is spreading. Most young people don't get their news from CNN or CBS; they get it from bloggers. ”
~ Josh McDowell

How to Reach the Web

How much time do you spend on social media daily? One hour? Two? Three?

Would it be possible to spend ten minutes of that time every single day, sort of like a tithe of your time, to spread the Gospel?

You are already doing this when you share inspiring memes and great stories of people showing compassion. Wouldn't it be cool if you actually took part in that work?!

One way to take part is to spread the word about the All Hours Church, but few people know how this is done so here are a few examples of what can be done.

1. Like our FaceBook page then find the area that says "invite your friends to like this page." Scroll through your list of friends inviting the ones you think might appreciate it. If in doubt, invite!

2. Copy the web address of any article on this web site that you like and paste it into a status update on any social media.

3. Find ministers and evangelists who blog, friend them and then share articles you find on this web site that you would like to share. Let them know that any of the articles here may be used on their blogs. This can save them time as they search for new interesting material to blog about.

4. Your instant messenger is your most effective tool. If you think any of your friends on the web would like the All Hours Church vision, don't just ask them to like the page, type into your instant messenger that you were thinking of them and would like to pray with them about the All Hours Church.

6. For spreading the word, it makes sense to focus your energy on people who have the most social influence. People who are very active in church and on social media are great people to spend time on instant messengers with.

7. Get physical. You may not be prepared to set up appointments with every church pastor in your city, which is what the All Hours Church realization for your city begins with, but you can discuss the All Hours Church with a few of the people you know from your local church. What if there was a way to keep their church open 24 hours a day that didn't cost money or require extra volunteers? What if lots of new resources and ministries were suddenly added to the church without cost? Would that be a problem? Of course not! Let them know you've found something amazing and want to share it with them. Seek out the person who is capable and called to initiate the seven step process for bringing an All Hours Church to your city. Here are the steps ...


Who is running this?

  • Elijah Williams

    our Director of Education and ministry preparation.

  • Janet Adams

    Coordinator of women's outreach and counseling.

  • John Carter

    serving as web master and master of calendars and advertising.

    Shatonya Darden

    Fellowship, hospitality, facility booking coordinator - one amazing woman!

    James Carvin

    will head up the volunteer team that will meet with pastors and follow up seminars.

    Jesus Our Lord

    is our head and sovereign king. All are welcome to join us in serving Him.

Your 24 Hour Extension