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De-Babel the churches

“No matter how much success you're having, you can't continue working together if you can't communicate. ”
~ Matt Cameron

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Until our volunteers have spoken with and prayed with every church pastor in the Tallahassee area we will not choose a location or act to incorporate. The All Hours Church is your church and if we don't communicate with you before acting then we are simply not acting in unity. One of the most vital decisions we can make is where to locate facilities. Location has a baring on expense and function. Please offer us prayerful counsel in the Holy Spirit!


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Who is running this?

  • Elijah Williams

    our Director of Education and ministry preparation.

  • Janet Adams

    Coordinator of women's outreach and counseling.

  • John Carter

    serving as web master and master of calendars and advertising.

    Shatonya Darden

    Fellowship, hospitality, facility booking coordinator - one amazing woman!

    James Carvin

    will head up the volunteer team that will meet with pastors and follow up seminars.

    Jesus Our Lord

    is our head and sovereign king. All are welcome to join us in serving Him.

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