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Pray for the churches to be one

“The evangelization of the world depends first upon a revival of prayer. Deeper than the need for workers; deeper far than the need for money; deep down at the bottom of our spiritual lives, is the need for the forgotten secret of prevailing, worldwide prayer.”
~ Robert Speer

What Help is Needed

We are in a praying stage. We ask that you pray for unity in the churches, that we may act as one - not by some institutional authority we elect to speak for us, but in a common work of mercy and abundant life. This is what we need help with most. Will you please pray for this mission? Anything we do and anything else we may ever need will follow from the answers to these prayers for unity.

Do we need help getting the word out? Sure we do. Please share this web site on your social networks and initiate All Hours Churches in your area by contacting and praying with each pastor in your city to learn the particular needs of your city.

Do we need help financing buildings? If the Lord wills.

Do we need volunteers to help support ministries? When you pray with the local pastors in your city this is when you will find out about more ministries than you even knew existed. When you pray you will get answers concerning where you should volunteer any time you are willing to make available.

Once the Lord has spoken about any particular needs we have we will post them here. At this time, we are simply offering to pray for and with the local churches. Keep in mind, that the All Hours Church is simply an extension of every local church. Be one. Act as one.



Who is running this?

  • Elijah Williams

    our Director of Education and ministry preparation.

  • Janet Adams

    Coordinator of women's outreach and counseling.

  • John Carter

    serving as web master and master of calendars and advertising.

    Shatonya Darden

    Fellowship, hospitality, facility booking coordinator - one amazing woman!

    James Carvin

    will head up the volunteer team that will meet with pastors and follow up seminars.

    Jesus Our Lord

    is our head and sovereign king. All are welcome to join us in serving Him.

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